My name is Cristina and I am a fully qualified personal trainer. The decision to become a personal trainer was sparked by my experience as an athlete in my teenage years. I had spent twelve years playing tennis, in what I hoped would develop to an elite level. Unfortunately due to a lack of resources such as a personal trainer and a sports psychologist, my dream was cut short. It wasn’t all a waste though; my experience drove me to pursue further studies in both fields. After completing VCE at Sandringham Secondary College, I went on to complete a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science which brings me halfway to my goal of becoming a Qualified Sports Psychologist. The results I have personally experienced on my mental and physical health from the last 7 years of training is what drives me to help other people in this field. I truly believe through effective fitness training and building healthy eating and lifestyle habits, anyone can improve their quality of life tremendously and nothing makes me happier than helping people achieve the best version of themselves!

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