MEET RHEME Rheme holds a Masters of Speech Pathology from La Trobe University and is committed to quality, evidence-based speech pathology services that are family centred. Since her graduation, Rheme has worked in the school setting and has provided Speech Pathology services to children of a wide range of ages. Rheme is also bilingual and speaks both [...]


MEET MIRANDA Miranda Bruyn is an experienced occupational therapist who has worked over 25 years with adults with injuries, illness and disabilities. She empowers people to manage life challenges, and build their independence and capability for daily activities and occupations.


MEET JASON Educational, therapeutic and support services strike deep at my core values of assisting learning and life skills development. I have thirty years of extensive research and training in the areas of learning, learning design, motivation, depth psychology, personal development and leadership. The focus was on how to practically apply this in study, community and the[...]


MEET JENNIFER 20 years experience in business, training and personal development I’m here to help you understand your life stages and support you through your life transitions. Whether you need help understanding what you want to do and get the right training and education or learn simple skills to make the adventures in your life a lot[...]


MEET CRISTINA My name is Cristina and I am a fully qualified personal trainer. The decision to become a personal trainer was sparked by my experience as an athlete in my teenage years. I had spent twelve years playing tennis, in what I hoped would develop to an elite level. Unfortunately due to a lack of resources[...]